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Tablet 7

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Tablet 7

Our Features

This easy to operate healthcare management software comes loaded with various features that are make the day to day operation of a medical facility quite simple and stress free


Appointment Scheduler

Very easy to organize patient and doctors with Tablet 7 Appointment Scheduler.



Medical practitioners can send prescriptions to a pharmacy electronically.



Pre-Authorization can be done in DHA unified health care data communication



DHA unified health care data communication- eClaim- can be done effortlessly


E-Medical Records

Treatment module will help to keep patient medical records electronically.


Emirates ID Integration

Emirates ID integrated - complete the registration process in a single click.


DHA Statistics Report

Very easy to Submit DHA statistics reports every month by the software


SMS/Email & etc.

Automated SMS and Emails will inform patients about their schedules on time

Clinic / Medical / Dental Healthcare Management Software Dubai-UAE, with E-Claim & E-Prescription

Trusted over 250+ clinics in UAE and 800+ clinics all over the world (India, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait)

Approved By: DHA (Dubai), HAAD (Abu Dhabi & Al Ain), MOH (Sharjah, Ras al khaimah, Fujeirah, Ajman, Umm Al Quiwan)

Our clinic management software is a comprehensive package specially designed to meet all the requirements of a clinic and polyclinic. With several years of experience we have designed our clinic software to be the best in Middle East region. If you are looking to have a paperless clinic then we are here to offer you the best clinic management software which will take care of all YOUR operations smoothly and efficiently. TABLET is a client server based software with separate modules for the doctors, reception, Accountants and administration. From appointments till billing each and every step is taken care of effectively. We comply with the features required by DOH, MOH, DHA and DHPO.

Over the past half century there has been a significant rise in the number of patients handled by various clinics and health care facilities in Dubai and across the globe. Despite numerous such new facilities opening up on a daily basis in almost every part of the world, there has been no decline in the rush of patients. Thankfully, most clinics today use some form of medical software to ensure the smooth functioning of their establishment. Tablet 7 is one such clinic software being offered by us at Topline IT Solutions Dubai, to help ensure smooth and hassle free functioning of your health care facility.

What we offer

What is Tablet 7

Tablet 7 is one such clinic management software being offered by us at Topline IT Solutions Dubai, to help ensure smooth and hassle free functioning of your health care facility.

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Tablet 7

It is efficient enough to ensure paperless operation

Tablet 7 is efficient clinic management software loaded with features to help simplify the various processes of managing a health care facility. This clinic software helps to save not only time but also the lives of patients. That is why it has become an integral part of health care facilities in Dubai and other parts of the world, where the efficiency and accuracy is the key to providing better health care to the masses.

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Tablet 7 Healthcare Management Software Dubai-UAE

Tablet 7 is a multi-user network (Server-client) & On-line based software to handle all the day to day operations of a multi specialty polyclinic. It has extensive features which make the operations of the clinic much easier than expected. This easy to operate clinic management software comes loaded with various features that are make the day to day operation of a medical facility quite simple and stress free. Our team of professionals has developed this healthcare software after carrying out thorough research and analysis of the diverse needs of modern day clinics. While developing this clinic management software, they have not only focused on the simplicity of use but also on the need of efficient exchange of information between the various health care professionals. At the same time the medical software also focuses on maintaining the privacy of the health records of individual patients to prevent its misuse.

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Great! i am happy with the software and support of Topline IT Solutions. I will recommend them to every clinic.


Dr. Sanjay Parashar

Cocoona Day Surgical Center

We are using the the software since 2005 and we do really appreciate the after sales service.


Dr. Atul Kumar

Al Diyafa Modern Medical Center

The Tablet 7 Software is really making our life easy. we are solely dependent on them for all our IT needs.


Dr. Nader Saab

Dr Nader Saab Plastic Surgery Clinic

We Provide all kind of IT solution for Medical Institutions

Topline Specializes in Healthcare Software Solutions from last few years in Dubai, UAE. Our Medical Center Management Software is tailor made to suit clinics from small to midsize to big polyclinic setups.TABLET 7 Clinic Management Software is a full comprehensive solution from appointments to billing and claims management.

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